So, You’re Thinking About Moving: Times are changing and you’re thinking about moving the family into a new home. But before you start searching for your next dream home, you’ll need to figure out when you’re going to sell your existing home. The decision is a complex one and while there’s no magic formula for determining the best time to sell a home, there are several factors you should consider.

Times of Year for Selling
This likely won’t come as a big surprise but you should avoid selling your home during the winter holiday season if possible. If you need to sell during those months, don’t worry, we have sold many homes during the holidays and often it works out perfectly for all parties involved. Inventory runs low as home sellers take their home off the market and buyers looking for homes that time of year are usually serious buyers. Spring (Feb-June) is the busiest time with many serious home buyers but there are more sellers too. Summer tends to slow down from mid June- August as buyers are busy with graduations, end of school, and summer vacations. Once Labor Day passes, we tend to see our second busiest time of year with people wanting to get settled before the holidays. If you need to sell your home, Tom and I will get it done for you no matter the season or time of year. We’ll sell whenever you’re ready to go!

The Best Season for Selling
Conventional wisdom dictates that spring is the best time to sell a home. In spring, the holidays are over, vacations and the new school year are still months away, and gardens and other outdoor spaces tend to look their best. While spring is the season with the most buyers, it’s also the season with the highest inventory. So, if you’re planning to sell in the spring, you’ll benefit from sound advice from us. We’ll help make your home stand out from your competition with top notch preparation, pricing, and marketing and it’s what Tom and I do everyday to get our listings sold.

The Best Day for Selling
According to research, Thursday is the best day of the week to list your home for sale. By listing your home for sale on a Thursday, you can make it available immediately for weekend showings. Come Saturday – the busiest day for real estate – your home will have only been on sale for two days, which is great for attracting full-price offers. In general, the shorter amount of time your home remains on the market, the higher the offer you’ll receive.