Selling your home is a big financial undertaking and an emotional process which requires a lot of planning. So, before you decide to put your home on the market, here are a few questions to consider.

What is my home worth?
     Several factors go into determining your home’s market value. These include the condition of the property, square footage, location, amenities, as well as recent comparable property sales. Sure you can look on Zillow but did you know that the Zestimate on Zillow can be off by as much as 70%? The most accurate way to determine your home’s value is through a custom comparable market analysis. For our clients, Tom and I meet at your home and tour your property so we see first hand the features your property has to offer a potential buyer. We discuss updates, repairs, and improvements as well as provide valuable insight to increase value without breaking the bank on preparations. 

How can I sell at the highest price possible?
     There are several simple, low-cost things you can do to boost the value of your home. These include eliminating clutter, improving curb appeal by straightening up flower beds and cleaning exterior especially around the front door,washing windows and walls, making the bathrooms and kitchen sparkle, and installing higher wattage bulbs to create a brighter environment. 

How long will my home be on the market?
     The time your home spends on the market depends on several factors, including location, how competitively your home is priced, and how aggressively your home is marketed. Statistics show that if a home is properly priced, an offer should come in within the first 12 showings. If you want to speed up the sales process, don’t underestimate the value of cleaning and staging. A clean house comes across to a buyer as a well cared for house which can translate to a higher sales price when selling. Staging a home so it appeals to a broad range of buyers may also fetch you more money when selling. Research shows that well-staged homes can sell up to 32 percent faster than homes that aren’t staged.

How will you help me sell my home?
     Tom and I have been in real estate since 1988 so we know how to help you with all aspects of the selling process, from pricing to marketing to handling the intricacies of closing. We will negotiate on your behalf to secure the best price and best terms for you. Whenever you are ready to sell, Tom and I will be ready to help you.